Girl’s Room Chandeliers

The Best Chandeliers for Girl’s Room

While it is already difficult enough to select chandeliers that would match the overall motif of your own, choosing chandeliers for girl’s room can be quite challenging because not only do you have to take into consideration the present motif of the bedroom, you also need to consider the girl’s personal tastes. Let us take a look at some varieties chandeliers that are appropriate for a girl’s room.

In most cases, when it comes to chandeliers for girl’s room, you can’t go wrong with a pink chandelier. As its name obviously implies, these chandeliers come in various shades of pink. These can be in the form of 3- to 5-armed chandeliers with a frame that is completely painted in pink with a glossy lacquer finish with very light pink-colored candelabra bulbs. There are also pink crystal chandeliers. These fixtures have a few tasteful crystal drops, spears or prisms hanging from the chandelier’s arms.

For young ladies with whimsical and playful tastes, an excellent option would be the hot air balloon chandelier. This chandelier has a central canopy resembling a colorful hot air balloon, which usually comes in colors of pastel pink, blue, red and green. From the canopy extend arms that have smaller balloons at the ends. These balloons are actually covers for the candelabra bulbs contained within. One delightful variation of the hot air balloon chandelier has five gondolas dangling from the arms. These gondolas can hold light bulbs or, if your girl is eco-conscious, candles.

Girls who are creative can opt for lampshade chandeliers, preferably the types wherein the paper or fabric of the shades can be removed or replaced. Depending upon your girl’s personal tastes, you can buy replacement shades in a variety of designs, ranging from floral prints to Oriental designs to cartoon prints. There are even some lampshade chandeliers that have photos of their favorite celebrities printed on the shades. You can also buy a chandelier with plain white lampshades. Just have your little girl whatever design she wants.

Now, if you have a daughter who is into the dour gothic designs, you might find it difficult to find the right chandelier for her. One good option is the gothic shabby chic chandelier. These are chandeliers that come in various shades of white, but the overall look of the fixture’s frame is that of the swirls and curves of Gothic design. Another good choice is the Sputnik chandelier. For girls who are into metal décor and piercings, you might want to get them a Starburst Sputnik chandelier, which consists of thin metal pipe adapters arranged in jagged, sea urchin-like pattern.

If you are not sure of your daughter’s tastes when it comes to lighting fixtures, it is highly advisable to bring her along when you go shopping for a chandelier. Just tell her your budget so that she can be able to select the chandelier she wants that is within your price range. Chances are she will be able to find a light fixture that meets her tastes as well as the motif of her room.

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