Crystal Chandeliers

Elegant Simplicity In Small Crystal Chandeliers

In recent years, the availability of small crystal chandeliers in the lighting market has enabled homeowners of modest financial means to be able to own an elegant light fixture without having to break their bank in the process.

Indeed, in the past, crystal chandeliers were primarily garish, sparkling monstrosities of several tiers and arms and a multitude of crystal drops. These chandeliers were more fitted to mansions and palaces and the lobbies of hotels and restaurants rather than the ceilings of the average home. In fact, some individuals who have attempted to install these lighting fixtures on their ceilings soon discover just how inappropriate these chandeliers are.

Interior designers, however, recognize the undying popularity and allure of crystal chandeliers. The question is how to come up with small crystal chandeliers that don’t gobble up enormous amounts of electricity but still retain the elegance of their much larger counterparts.

The solution to this dilemma is by making these light fixtures less elaborate. The latest varieties of small crystal chandeliers only have 3 to 5 arms which hold low watt candelabra bulbs. From these arms hang a few but larger sized crystal drops that will increase the intensity of light being emitted by the bulbs. Another popular type of crystal chandelier consists of only a large canopy containing a circular fluorescent lamp. Crystal ornaments dangle at the edges of the canopy. Yet another type is the lampshade crystal chandelier. This chandelier has each candelabra bulb covered by lampshades. The bottom edges of these shades have small dangling crystals.

For individuals who want those special “bling” in their chandeliers and can afford them, they can opt for small-sized chandeliers with Swarovski crystals. Other, more expensive options are crystal Tiffany chandeliers or Murano glass chandeliers, which utilize pieces of stained Murano glass in place of genuine crystals.