Candle Chandelier

Intimacy for the Home

We usually associate chandeliers with enormous, multi-tiered and multi-armed crystal lighting fixtures that produce a bright and glaring light. Rather than go for the glare of a crystal monstrosity, it is better to have a soothing and relaxing glow of a candle chandelier.

No other lighting fixture can produce such a warm, intimate illumination suitable for relaxation as a candle chandelier. While it is a stylish fixture, it is also very practical, as evidenced by the fact that it is ideal for intimate parties with friends and colleagues, for curling up in your favourite armchair while reading a bestseller, or cuddling up cosily to your special someone.

It is not difficult to choose a candle chandelier for your home because of the large selection of designs, styles and sizes. There are actually multi-tiered varieties in the classical styles as well as modern minimalist designs. Rustic candle chandeliers are available in the Cottage, Country and Tuscan varieties. You also have the elaborate Victorian candle chandelier. Just make sure that you know the motif of your room and the styles of the present furnishings so that you can select the candle chandelier that will reflect your personal preferences.

If you prefer an antiquated ambience, use real candles. Don’t forget to buy drip guards together with your chandelier so that hot wax does not drip on your floors or on people. If you want to avoid hot wax accidents, better use non-drip candles.

And then you have faux candle chandeliers. These lighting fixtures don’t use genuine candles, but instead have candelabra bulbs that are manufactured in the shape of candles, and even produce a flickering light. These bulbs even have fake wax drippings on the sides. Many of these faux candle chandeliers have special features. The unique switching mechanism can allow you to select between a soft, flickering light to a bright, stable illumination.

Because of rising power bills, more and more homeowners are going for candle chandeliers. Another plus for these light fixtures is that they are not very expensive, having been manufactured from common metals like bronze and wrought iron. Of course, these chandeliers don’t require much maintenance. However, ensure that fire safety measures are in place if you will be using genuine candles.

An intimate light for your home is available today via a candle chandelier! As always, there are many reference website that you can visit by simply typing in a query at Google.