Kichler Lighting

Stella 9-Light Chandelier

Let me narrate to you the circumstances by which my husband and I acquired the Kichler Lighting 42213CH Stella 9-Light Chandelier, Chrome with Satin-Etched Cased Opal Glass.

Six months ago, a devastating tornado ende

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Girl’s Room Chandeliers

The Best Chandeliers for Girl’s Room
While it is already difficult enough to select chandeliers that would match the overall motif of your own, choosing chandeliers for girl’s room can be quite challenging because not only do you have to take in

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Selling Chandeliers

Things to Consider Before Selling Chandeliers
You have made the decision that you will be selling chandeliers that are homemade in order to augment your family income. Through research, you were able to determine which chandeliers are most likely to

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Globe chandelier light fixtures

Best Selling Chandeliers

Let us say that, as a means of augmenting your income, you have definite plans of selling chandeliers that are homemade. The next step would be to determine which types of chandeliers are the best sellers in the market today and make them right in the comfort of your own home.

Obviously, the economic crisis has caused a decreased demand for lavish, multi-tiered chandeliers. But this does not mean that the public’s fascination for crystal chandeliers has diminished. Small 4- to 5-armed chandeliers with a few tasteful crystal drops, spears and prisms remain top sellers on ADF website.

Modern chandeliers are in vogue because of their simple, but elegant design and the fact that they usually only use 1 light bulb, making them economical. You can also check out the futuristic Sputnik chandeliers. Just by purchasing some thin pipes, adapters and light bulbs and assembling them, you can already create a Globe chandelier light & Sputnik starburst chandelier.

One of the most popular designs in chandeliers today is the lamp shade chandelier. What makes them best sellers is the fact that the lamp shades can be replaced with shades in other designs. If you are planning to sell lamp shade chandeliers, you might want to consider making replacement shades in an assortment of designs and colors, such as classy solid colors, shabby chic, Tiffany-style, Oriental style and even delightful pink (especially for nurseries and girl’s bedrooms).

Check out the best selling chandeliers in the custom lighting market today so that you will be guided on the type of Globe chandelier light fixtures that you can create at home or at a filming office..